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April 26, 2012


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 Mr. Arnold Armageddon Theodores

back dated to 1979 reforms by Communist Chinese Leaders since the crackdown on Tianmen Square democracy movement... the US and Western Powers seemed like downgraded Communist Hell China- Viet Nam .... or the Former Soviet Union.... they all were at the starvation or so hungry-bound Hell-like dungeon communistic dictatorships and obsolete regimes and wilderness societies in the world at that time... at that crucial periods... Meanwhile if the US and Western Powers could see the chances to blockade and to suppress all of such de-humanitarian and savagery communist regimes to extinction.. then .. things are very different now... they all at that periods were totally hungry and obsolete and blackbound social conventions like in hell.... they all totally weak and far more lowered or so weaker or thus humblesome sorts of confrontations or so conflicts against the US or Western Powers.... Meanwhile the US Presidents of various terms consecutively seemed looked down on them and granted them more " FOODS - HIGH TECH - ECONOMICS..." in terms of GLOBALIZATION of PROCESSINGS... then what next ? the evidently totalled results are apparently showcased that thus AXIS OF EVILS still now growing relentlessly and brutally engulfing all of the World's natural resources... in terms of slavery labours exploitations cruelty... they exploited their slavery labours to the last resorts or so sweated drops... to exchange for weapons or so enriched their military powers....they used powers to harnessible wealths from inside and outside world for their personal belongings for their family relatives or closed comrades ... they still keep powers relentlessly in their greedily hands and no sharing powers at all ... this means that all powers - wealths - money - social rungs ... absolutely belonged to their greedy hands at all.... and the results are ? evidently the communist dictatorships still alive and surviving the hungry and obsolete deadlockness since in the oldage periods of decades of 1970 - 1980s... till now.. they are all rivaling with the US and WESTERN POWERS .. in all kinds of sorts...such as in : ECONOMIC WARS - HI TECHS - MILITARY.... they eventhough robbing all jobs from US or so WESTERN POWERS.. making the unemployment rates at the US... at unacceptable endurances.. or so standby fuss... Meanwhile all the sweated labours of their communist countries are absolutely low-levelled of starvations or so sweated drops to work for their wealths - money - powers of positions...only focused on their absolute greedy hands .. no power-sharings or so only their dictatorships still overpowerable all oher low-mouths and weak voices... THE CRITICAL QUESTS ARE WHAT THE MAIN OBJECTIVES the USA and WESTERN POWERS recv from ? do USA and WESTERN help to push such communist regimes to hell or just to assist them to alive by " GLOBALIZATION PROCESSINGS like today ? thus to pump thousands of billions of dollars from US - JAPAN.. flowing into such communist regimes or so countries .. thus allowing them to recv all of the world's financial resources... to develop and to expand their borderlines beyond their respective limits since feudal times... backward thousands of years ago... US PRESEDENTS of policies thus allowable resources or so capital investments hugely from the US - JAPAN ... to flow relentlessly into communist countries like CHINA - VIETNAM.. and later are CUBA OR NORTH KOREA.. I guess so ... they thought that by which ways .. they used capital resources or so hitech... to overflowing the communist doctrinaires or so to crush such communist regimes beyond their values of Materialistic ways of lifes or so WEALTH - MONEY - POWERS OF POSITIONS in social rungs... what did THE US and WESTERN recv ? they see communist countries growing daily and absolutely controllable social conventions or so societies... all of prethought- reactions that the USA and WESTERNs thought to curb and to extincted the communist countries like the EASTERN BLOCKS by revolutions consecutively by the peoples - themselves to stood up to overthrown such dictatorships never happened in the communist countries... and vice versa.. communist gangsters seems like evil-doers or so AXIS OF EVILs... they suck bloods of their peoples and from the outside capital investments relentlessly... they recv money from tax applied on the foreign enterprises ... and to bribe for themselves... they are in cahout with the financial gangers from BANKS.. they put up all BANKS for grasping all resources - wealths - ... from the peoples into thier own greedy hands... I see that communist countries daily bigger and more powerful resources... they eventhough exporting their badly or so worst cultural ways of bribery or so bad ways of life into the world... affecting the US and WESTERNs of the ways of life in terms of bribery, corruptions.... low-levelled of social conventions kinds of ways...
they buy military hardwares to upgrade their communist troops with latest weapons to cope with the USA... then one day COMMUNIST COUNTRIES will destroy the USA nd WESTERNs... I guess so... and the world will be in hell like never before... as for all the human beings in this world will be living under the absolutely and extremely communist-bound rigidly hardship regimes like KHME ROUGE regime of 1975 - 1979.... as for Japanese capital investments and the US.. flowing hugely and relentlessly into the communist countries... thus allowing them growing abundantly and more powerfully...Meanwhile all latest hitech... exporting into the dictatorships. ? why ? if we let themselves done or living with the middle aged periods or so living in oldaged and obsolete times... NO GLOBALIZATION - NO EXPORTING CAPITAL IN VESTMENTS - NO DEALING WITH THEM AT ALL ... then STOPPED IMPORTED GOODS from them or so exporting latest hi techs.... or investing into the third world including the communist blocks since 1970s until now.. things will be different now..... the big aslant dilemma is the US PRESIDENTs of consecutively granted such grace bonuses for the dictatorships to alive and to surviveable the 1970s badly or worst scenarios... they miscounted foreign policies.. then the badly unbelievable or so unacceptable consequencies seen dilemma and things in turmoils now... upside down things or so chao

s... it is so terribly outcome for the world today.. the US is coping with a growing China and a communist dictatorship rigidly reigning Viet Nam today... they could not do a damn shit to change this deadlockness or so bad status quos or so worst scenarios... we see the upside down every where in ASIA... US gradually lost its positions to curb the communist blocks in ASIA... eventhough they miscounted the friend country or foe nations... previously... they shake hands with the ex-foe countries.. to cope with the others... very dangerously...
the ELITES or so GENIUSES.... SHOULD BE ELECTED INTO US PRESIDENT's post is critically a must for the world okay. if not the world will be in chaos asp...
the US PRESIDENTS miscounted relentlessly and systematically for decades ago until now.. about the foe's capabilities.. they looked down on CHINA... to grant a lots of things for the foes.. and the results are .. BAD or WORST SCENARIOS... seen now ok.
now US and WESTERNs of values seems in vain for the communist societies.. as for they are all under controlled by POLITBUROs... the US subdued for that ok ...
now come back to SCARBORGOUGH... US should supply for the Phil's navy with latest warships capable to cope with the CHINA...if not firstly the US will lose face in that conflict .. and later is the Phil will lost the shoal coral reefs... gradually.. and then CHINA will step by step ungulfing territories of PHIL like a python swallowing a bait... all other ASEANs that involing in this conflicts of the SPRATLYS will be like that okay;
US NAVY should send more fleets in conjunctions with submarines of at least 80 ships to cope with china navy... US -JAPAN alliance should be alike of joint hands of miitaries... to cope with CHINA directly now... US - JAPAN - SOUTH KOREA.. should admonish CHINA's intentions of gradually engulfing SPRATLYS and the surrounding seas for thier own hands... US - JAPAN - SOUTH KOREA send warships to this area to make naval joint drills of about USA 60 submarines to join and to warn CHINA... never attempted to invade this region ok; US send warships to SPRATLYS and to SCARBOROUGH shoal to defended against the CHINA... preempted actions be neccesary for this contiguous dilemma now in SCARBORGOUGH... US have to deal boldly against the CHINA navy okay; if necessary to shoot down sevaral CHINESE SHIPs to threatening them ok; then things wil be ok to show off the US SENIOR NAVAL FORCES ok...

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