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May 28, 2012


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I am a student that worked on this project and, we all know that the usual Nobel peace prize is given to someone doing work internationally. Although, the point of the Portland peace prize was not to award someone doing work to help internationally but someone who does lots to help on local issues. People working internationally often have chances to be recognized. The Nobel Peace Prize being an example of this. The reason this prize is so awesome, is someone who would not usually be recognized for working hard to do great things for our community gets the chance to be honored for doing their part for making their community more peaceful in the longrun.

Dave Porter

I have no problems (and encourage) honoring the nominees for their good works. Just change the name of the award. Let some other group select nominees and a winner from local folks working on international peace issues.

I disagree with your statement "People working internationally often have chances to be recognized." From my perspective, this is not true locally. Please, if you can, cite some awards given to Portland, or Oregon, international peace activists.

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