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February 25, 2007


Alex Toh KAR TEK

Travelling to abroad whether to study or for vacation will always face language barrier as a primary barrier. It is a good thing that we are having translation gadget that helps us to solve the problem .

it really opens up new opportunities for people who wants to travel to experience and meet new people and make new friends.
I can say it is a good invention that will benefits people a long way to go. I use software in my work to do translation for languages, The only cons is that auto translation
will always have some errors in the translation. The best method is if we could have ability to also understand a bit about the language and we can do some touch ups to the
translation errors and perfect the translation job
by translating it manually. After many years in translating, I decided to also address this problem by offering a free learning platform for picking up manual

And this will cover the missing puzzle
for language translation. The video guide is made in such a way that it is very straight forward and dont cover too many explain-logy that
cause too much load for easy learning. They learner will need to go through a simple video guide explaining how to use Hnayu Pinyin. And
after which every words are taught base on Hanyu Pinyin. The learner will be able to learn and pick up new words independently after he master
how to use Hanyu Pinyin.

You can learn manual translation from


But before you can start learning each and every words, you need to first learn how to use the Hanyu Pinyin. You can watch

the video guide here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaj2NXHYJHE

The website is free and you do not need to pay any fee to learn

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