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May 03, 2007



I live in Tigard and would very much like my 7 year old adopted daughter to maintain her mandrain

Steve Longman

These immersion programs are amazing! The U.S. really needs to become more culturally sensitive and mature. Last year I went on an immersion program in China through China Study Link (www.chinastudylink.com). They were wonderful people and the program was life-changing. It would be a great addition to these immersion programs your talking about.

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Therefore we expect that there is much interest in adding a Chinese immersion program on the west side. We aim to gather a group of families willing to support such a program. Once we have enough interest, we will bring this show of support to the attention of the Portland public school district.


In the Portland public school district, there are 5 immersion programs, offered at Woodstock, Hosford, Cleveland, Franklin and Atkinson schools. All of these schools are located on the east side of Portland.

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As Chinese language studies have gained popularity in the U.S., many schools have added Chinese immersion programs which offer classes taught in Mandarin Chinese.

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