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August 14, 2008



Tavis Smiley interviews Parag Khanna, author of "The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order;" (China specific comments begin at 5 minutes 20 seconds)

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As part of filming beginning last week, a two-man crew visited, among other places, a local winery, the Columbia Gorge, the coast and several retail destinations, including Northwest 23rd Avenue and the Pearl District. On Wednesday, they followed shoppers at the farmers market, zooming in for one shot on potatoes (common in Chinese markets) and in another berries (not so familiar back home).

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we whose culture (not just our politics and economies) has dominated for so long. It will be a rather strange, possibly unnerving experience. Personally, I think it will be incredibly enriching. New experiences; new ways of thinking liberate creative energy. But in any event, it will be a fact we have to come to terms with. For the next U.S. president, this will be or should be at the very top of the agenda, and as a result of the strength of the Sino-U.S.

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