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November 09, 2008


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Expanding the use of electric cars, and hybrids, are high on my list of what we can do in Oregon to get the US off of dependence on foreign oil and of supporting petro-states. Depending on the power source fueling the electric cars, they can also reduce greenhouse gases. We should pursue hybrid and electric car with all sensible vigor.

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A robust connection to China will be key to an electric street strategy. Time to beef up PSU’s and Portland Public Schools’ Mandarin and study abroad in China programs.

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But also I want Portland to be a center for electric vehicles. We're working with Nissan, BYD (a Chinese company), Toyota. We're working on what I call Portland's electric street strategy, where we'll have the necessary charging infrastructure in place.

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That relates back to the skill set of the manufacturing workers at Freightliner. My goal is to position Portland as the test place for all electric cars that can hopefully lead to component assembly of electric cars in the future. Will we be the place where the metal doors are stamped out? No. We'll be the place where the metal doors come to Portland with the other big body parts and that's where the final assembly comes together.

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Pursuing an electric street strategy will be interesting, exciting, good for our innovative green branding, and could generate economic growth.

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