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November 14, 2008


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Colin Crocker

Dave- great posting. I especially agree with the idea that we need to revitalize our pioneering spirit . We can't be afraid to move to the proverbial "West" where innovative solutions to addressing the lack of language speakers in Oregon (and the US) are concerned.

Nathan Nice

Wow,an American who's pro-globalization! I guess you still have your job,congratulations.News flash,when the pioneer spirit comes back it will be because traitors like all of you have been crossed off a list. Your children have it so easy? Only a baby boomer could have that caliber of audacity. Your entire lives have been a dream taken out of a romance novel. Every year better than the last. My generation knows no reality of that nature. Every year it just gets worse thanks to traitor parents, a lot like YOU. You all landed your first good jobs while buying your first home while partying in massive drug induced orgies just to tell my generation we have to pee in a cup for scraps less then you all made 30 years ago. The nerve! Hell on earth is coming for you all. The clock is ticking. Anyone who is pro-globalization needs to shut there mouth and fast. People can only take so much.


Our leading trade partners are the great nations of Asia, not mother England.


Australia will not succeed in the future if it aims to be just a bit better than average.

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In sheer numbers, the emergence of India and China as economic powers and the wealth that they are creating is accompanied by a rise of a new middle class.

Pandora Charms

Specifically, I believe that we need to revive the sense of Australia as a frontier country, and to cultivate Australia as a great center of excellence. Unlike our parents and grandparents, this new frontier has little to do with the bush or the outback. Today the frontier that needs sorting is the wider world, and complacency is our chief enemy.

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