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July 30, 2009


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I thought we voted for change. Now the House Democrats give us more military pork. Shame on them. Especially those on the Appropriations Committee. Let’s see how the Oregon House delegation votes.


Just reallocating the noted $2.75 billion in defense earmarks to high school and college study abroad programs could fund 275,000 high school and college students studying abroad for one year at $10,000 each

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not request. About half of that amount reflects spending requested by private firms, including 95 companies or related political action committees that donated a total of $789,190 in the past 2 1/2 year

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House appropriators want to buy, for example, extra C-17 transport planes and F-18 jets, as well as four extra military jets used by lawmakers and Pentagon VIPs


The unwanted equipment in a military spending bill expected to come to a vote on the House floor Thursday or Friday has a price tag of at least $6.9 billion

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