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November 11, 2009


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JG Hitzert

The answer is more efficient and a bit slower prop planes and eventually high speed rail.

Pandora Charms

vitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better” (here)by Christopher Steiner. These quotes are from his “Chapter $8: The Skies Will Empty.” I’m skeptical that the future of airlines will play out this way. Planes, probably, will f

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One of the negatives of widening the country by increasing airfares will be a reversal of geographic diversification on our nation’s campuses. A sharp student from Chicago, who, in the past, might ha

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d Northwestern, will no longer be able to give those schools serious thought. They won’t get home for the holidays and they can’t exp

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t have considered attending Berkeley or Virginia along with regional like U of o Illinois, Michigan and Northwester

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y came. Video call supply a nice medium to keep in touch with close relatives, but they’re hardly a replacement for the bonds imparted by physical touch. Fewer relatives will move far away. The integrity of family, insofar as it’s defined as simple being together, will

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