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June 16, 2010


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Pandora Charms

The costs of the blundering these limited immersion enrollments represent is incalculable. Our economic futures, perhaps even our lives in the national security sense, will rest on the language skills these students develop. To deny such programs to willing students and parents is strategic myopia at the most profound level.


For the pre-K program, 36 (two classes of 18) out of 53 applicants were admitted. All 53 applications were first choices. 10 were waitlisted, 6 did not meet requirements, and 1 was denied.

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needing 25 for an additional class, Richmond had 47 either waitlisted or denied.

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At the kindergarten level at Richmond, there were 100 slots (4 classes of 25 each). 29 slots were reserved for pre-K students moving up, leaving 71 available slots. Richmond does not give a “neighborhood priority.” All 71 were filled by first choices.

Tory Burch

Of those, 26 were first choices and 4 second choices. 17 were denied. Of those 7 were first choice non-residents (living outside PPS) and 8 second choices. 13 “did not meet requirements.” Of Dollars those 3 were first choices, 6 second choices, and 4 third choices. There were 138 applicants for the 71 slots.

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