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July 14, 2010


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Jordan 5

I would like to live to study, and not study to live.

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A “save” desk would have corrected the misunderstanding and kept me as a customer. But before you create one, set out to research what makes a good save desk.

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Everything else went into storage. And quite of the few of the things that started out in that carry-on bag got mailed back to the States because I just got tired of carrying them.


more worrisome, behind the times on issues before Oregon ‘s public education system and, perhaps, behind in thinking about the challenges of selling more of Oregon goods and services abroad in the current and future global economy.

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I hope the press will ask both major candidates for Governor, Dudley and Kitzhaber, about the relationship between foreign language programs today and Oregon’s future economy. Do they support more immersion programs (like Utah, for example)?


We need a governor who understands the global economy, who understands what Oregon needs to do to be more competitive, and who can lead us on these issues.

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So far as I know, the only public French immersion program is in Eugene. But Eugene has also stalled, and stalled again, on adding a proposed Mandarin immersion program.

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First, school districts without foreign language immersion programs are offering their students a second rate curriculum. Immersion students learn everything non immersion students learn, score as well or better on all the standard tests, plus they become fluent in a foreign language.

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