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April 24, 2011


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Waiting longer will not help our students or our community. Waiting for the financial outlook for schools to get better has not proven successful over the past 20 years. Our students only have one chance at an education. Today, students from fire-ravaged Marysville are bused miles outside of their neighborhood to attend school at a temporary location. Sunnyside Environmental School students struggle to conduct experiments in a science lab that lacks water

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So, I’m voting “No” on both levies and dedicating those “No” votes to neighborhood school activists opposed to expanding the Mandarin immersion programs, to the teachers unions opposed to sending high school student to study abroad

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Given the political opposition above, I do not see either more Mandarin immersions progams 3 30 11 010edited developing at the pace needed or PPS paying to send any students to study abroad if I vote "Yes" on either levy.


Mandarin immersion issue, they have heeded neighborhood school activists who oppose expansion of any specialized elementary schools. On the high school study abroad program, they have heeded teachers unions opposed to any version, however strategic or worthwhile, of funding following students out of the traditional schools their teacher work in.

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We're also asking local voters to replace our current levy at a new rate that would spare students and teachers from dramatic class-size increases in the face of yet another year of state funding cuts to schools. School construction bond funds cannot be used to support teachers and other operational expenses.

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